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All New Compressors

Our compressors can be categorized into three main types, detailed below:

Fixed displacement reciprocating piston type - DKP Series:

  • Proven robust solution and renowned refrigeration application standard
  • Heavy-duty  durability for long lasting performance

Fixed displacement swash plate piston type compressors - TM Series and DKS Series:

  • Unlimited Adaptations and field serviceable TM series
  • Comprehensive range coverage from small engines to heavy duty vehicles including applications for buses
  • State of the art Design for maximum efficiency and performance

Valeo's TM Series compressors were designed to cover a wide range of applications, providing the best fit to the needs of the A/C systems makers.


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Fixed displacement vane rotary type - DKV Series:

  • Light, yet robust design for small engine applications
  • Highest efficiency for passenger cars
  • Lower vibration and reduced noise levels compared to scroll compressors