Valeo Added


100% New Compressors

Take a look at some of our brand new compressors here!

Valeo offers a variety of compressor models that deliver strong car application coverage. These models include –

10S Replacement Compressors

  • Optimally designed internal muffler reduces noise and enhances gas flow
  • PTFE coated pistons for low friction & high efficiency in-cylinder compression
  • MoS2 coated swash plate ensures low friction & smooth operation
  • Integrated rubber coated metal valve retainer allows discharge valve maximum cushioned support ensuring longer life & quieter operation
  • Suction port & internal architecture designed to efficiently direct cool returning refrigerant and oil to lubricate moving parts

VC210 Design

  • Lip seal offers more reliable sealing
  • More durable in low lubricant situations
  • No more storage problems with dry seals

VC7S Design

  • Replacement for 7SBU16C Applications
  • Utilizes the Valeo VC5 mechanism
  • Used on Mercedes Benz, BMW and Dodge
  • Excellent coverage, competitive pricing
  • Looks, fits and performs like OE